Our Story

The ReLeaf Ratios story begins back in spring of 2013 when I was informed by an old friend of the power of medical cannabis oils. This epiphany occurred during our search for alternative cancer treatments for my late wife, Cie. When Cie read about the powers of the plant she began searching the net for details and was not interested in buying untested oils from California and back in 2013 we were still reading about the DEA imprisoning people for cannabis offences.

     Tossing aside concerns over doing nothing, we commenced getting our medical cannabis registration completed and planting Cie's garden for her protocol of oils that we'd discovered she'd be needing. We learned the requisite skills and got a garden completed and made the first of many extractions to come on New Year's Eve 2013 and Cie started her first doses in January 2014. Her condition had worsened while her garden was maturing and after some complications and surgery she was gone in a few months, we'd run out of time.

     When she started researching the oils she discovered people were consuming the oils from 10cc syringes and squirting a small amount onto snacks etc during the protocol. She was not having that at all. She asked me to put her doses in capsules for her and that she would know how much of this suppliement was in each of her doses. She is the matriarch of our company and also of our byline:

Know Your Dose